Special Report

How Publishers are Streamlining Their Businesses With Marketing Automation
A Folio: special report on using data to boost efficiency in operations and open new opportunities, with experts from BNP Media, Bobit Business Media and PMMI Media Group

From controlling the temperature in our homes and offices to helping drive our cars, automation is changing our everyday lives.

This shift is transforming the way that we do business as well, and has been a game changer in the way that publishers approach marketing. By tapping into marketing automation on both the front- and back-ends of the business, publishers are creating more efficient operations that can deliver synchronized messaging on multiple platforms in a virtual instant. From Social media, to email, to telemarketing and SMS and several other channels, automation has a number of use cases publishers should be exploring.

However, like most technologies, automation is complex and has a language of its own. But that hasn’t stopped some publishers from leaning into it and reaping all the benefits it offers. These publishers have released that success in today’s media landscape because of their willingness to embrace technology and capture insightful data. And they have streamlined their operations across a multitude of channels, thus maximizing their output.
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